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“ Terrence Joyce paints a wide variety of familiar subjects, all of them infused with his own vision .  Whether pondering his landscapes, portraits, fantasy, still lifes, marinescapes or nudes, one soon becomes aware of an underlying spiritual yearning.

Since matters of the spirit are essentially non-verbal what better language to explore such aspirations than colorful paintings in which the joy of being alive is strongly communicated?

The workings of the spirit in Joyce’s paintings can be moody, playful, sensual, visionary, transcendent or a subtle aspect of realism.  Whatever the artist is seeking in any given work, there is always a journey beyond earthbound ego into an experience of higher self.  The viewer is inspired to join in the artist’s search for meaning beyond the obvious”  Boyce Benge -artist, friend .

 The juxtaposition of figure andlocation pose questions specific to current scientific and anthropoligical studies such as who would man be if environmental progression or DNA were slightly altered. Terrence often chooses the mythical centaur, half man, and half animal, as symbolic of a previous stage of our evolution while the mystical angel symbolizes the next. Joyce’s paintings seek the definition of the soul and self determination when surroundings are so powerful a force.S  



              Above: Regatta

      Above: Terrence teaching mural techniques at the gallery...


i Apprenticed to Italian monks in the early 1960s, Terrence Joyce learned the time-honored tradition of applying frescoes. He helped to decorate the chapels, halls and library of the seminary where he studied. There the New York City-born artist found a life-long love of murals and wall designs. Later, extended training with classical artists led Terrence to expand his art into portrait and landscape painting. He painted and exhibited his work within the emerging arts community of New York City’s SoHo and Greenwich Village in the late 1960s and 1970s.

In 1981 he began Inner Beauty Studio where he spent years painting mural and docorative finishes in hotels, restaurants, churches ,fine homes and recital halls.

  During the  1980 and 1990's his own spiritual practice broadened and he furthered his artistic exploration into the journey of spirit. Joyce founded and worked with his design studio, Inner Beauty Studio, to teach mural and faux finishes  to the apprentices  adding this to repetoir teaching portrait,and landscape painting.

In 2008 Terrence opened the Terrence Joyce Gallery on the historic harbor of Greenport NY.  The popular gallery soon became the meeting place and salon of poets,writers musicians and a showplace for many gifted painters sculptor and printmakers. Here he became facinated with the possibilities of mermaids in his myth paintings. These works soon became popular with the local sea loving folks.


In 2014 Joyce moved his Studio to Venice Fl on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.


                                  Above: Horses


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